Looking for help with meditation? Looking to improve your existing practice and understanding? Are you looking to learn a suitable style of meditation practice for you?

Meditation classes at Crusoeden Body Wellness Centre in Kangaroo Flat are suspended during the Covid-19 period of shutdowns and other restrictions. They may well open up again in the new year, 2021. In the meantime, I’m happy to help at a time, place and way that works for you and me. We can meet somewhere around Bendigo region for one-to-one teaching or assistance. We can do it in a public place, possibly at my home, or via internet link-up.

For some people, like myself, 2020 the year of Covid-19, has proven to be a time of personal meditation retreat. It has been perfect for that. I am well aware that for others it has been a difficult time of stress and anxiety, including financial / work / business stress. But the potential still remains that all of the changes to our society and way of life can include positive, healthy new ways for everyone who chooses that.

Give us a call; we can discuss what your needs and wishes are. We can work out how to provide some teaching, support or assistance, and what, if any, the fees should be.

TEL: 0431 622823