David McRae’s new book (Sept. 2016), Freedom from stress and anxiety, is now available.
It’s 144 pages are packed with practical instruction and information on many of the most effective, self-help and lifestyle approaches to reducing the effects of stress, recovering from anxiety and building resilience.

Stress of all kinds, along with anxiety and anxiety disorders are right at the top amongst the issues affecting people’s health and wellbeing in our communities.

This book puts the strategies and information that David has been providing to people in courses, classes and individual consultation for over 30 years, into one, easy-to-read-book.

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Coffs Harbour: Tuesday 18th October, 5.30 for a 6pm start,
at The Professional Centre, 9 Park Avenue

Melbourne: November – date and location to be announced

What is Meditation for Health?

Meditation, and particularly a mindfulness-based approach to meditation can bring real improvement in health and reduction of the impact of stress. A body of research results, and many personal stories attest to this capacity for meditation practice to be an important part of health care.

In our ‘Meditation for Health’ courses and ongoing classes you learn and practice these methods in very simple, easy-to-learn ways.

In some ways meditation for health and relaxation is as simple as just sitting down in a balanced posture; and then getting up again 10 or 20 minutes later. It can be approached that way.

For many people it is better to have some method to it, but still it is useful to keep the method as simple and natural as possible. Most of the ancient, true and tried meditation traditions have methods that are on that simple end of the spectrum. My experience with thousands of clients/students is that this simplicity is ideal. Our classes, corporate training etc emphasises keeping-it-simple so that it is easily learned and taken away as a lifelong life skill. The ongoing and more advanced learning is NOT about more complicated techniques—it is about coming to grips with the tricks that our ‘over-active minds’ play. It is about learning more about ourselves and how to deal with our minds’ objections to experiencing stillness and peace.  (Read more)

Group Meditation ClassES

Will recommence later in 2016 on a date to be announced.

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