Freedom from Stress & Anxiety

All kinds of stress, anxiety and anxiety disorders are rife in our communities; right up there amongst the top issues affecting people’s health and wellbeing.

The assistance and services of McRaeHealth provide “Relief without Drugs” (to borrow the title of the 1967 book by Australian medical pioneer Dr Ainslie Meares). The goal is Freedom from Stress & Anxiety.

David McRae assists you towards this freedom by teaching and supporting you in using simple methods and techniques. Methods that are easy-to-learn and effective, drawn from mindfulness, meditation and other focussing, relaxing mind exercises.

David brings to this service his nearly 40 years experience across a range of medical, health care and meditation organisations.

Individual, one-to-one consulting is available at any time.

The group programs and classes that ran through 2014 & ’15 are in recess through the first half of 2016—to be resumed at a date to be announced.

Training and consultation for organisations / workplaces is available.
You are most welcome to phone us – 6699 2073 – for a discussion of your situation and whether we can be of assistance.

What is Meditation for Health?

Meditation, and particularly the mindfulness approach to meditation can bring you real improvement in health and reduction of the impact of stress. A body of research results, and many personal stories attest to this capacity for meditation practice to be an important part of health care.

In our ‘Meditation for Health’ courses and ongoing classes you learn and practice these methods in a very simple, easy-to-learn way.

So, what is this thing we call meditation?

For starters it probably could be called by other names than meditation. The name “Meditation” is an english language translation that was adopted by various authors some 100 years ago, for several terms from… (Read more).

Group Meditation Class – regular, weekly

Will recommence later in 2016 on a date to be announced.

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