One-to-one consultations are available,
(as soon as McRaeHealth completes relocation to Victoria [Sept / Oct, 2017] )
Consultations can be appropriate for:

  1. You are new to meditation and want personalized instruction.
  2. Examining your overall health situation to determine self-help measures that may be useful, including meditation.
  3. Likewise with stress in your life – we can examine the overall picture of stresses in your life, your personality and what has helped in the past, and whether some form of meditation is likely to be an effective and useful thing for you. Also whether to enter a class or continue with some one-to-one assistance.

Consultations are generally of about one hour

COST:  Standard fee is  $70
APPOINTMENTS:  0431 622823
ADDRESS:  to be announced — in Bendigo and other Victorian locations